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Hospital management software allows management of all the services and operations of a healthcare institution. Aks Soft Hospital provides you with out of the box functionality to have a unified patient view and manage processes regarding OutPatients, InPatients and Emergency. We turn the digital dreams of our clients into a reality. We work closely with our users throughout development to ensure that we are still aligned with the end-goal. Our goal is to provide a high-quality Clinic Management Software that aligns with your hospital/clinic needs. We pride ourselves on providing professional customer service. We are committed to producing exceptional hospital/clinic Management software for each of our clients. We find the best solution to suit your needs and are not limited by platform. This is possible when you have your own brand app for appointment booking, sending notification & reminders for follow up's & maintaining their health records. We are dedicated to make your digital dreams come true. We build great websites according to your needs and requirements. Our Hospital guarantees your data quality throughout the user experience, from patient registration to patient discharge. All patient-relevant data will be consistently accurate, giving you visibility of overall institutional performance and real-time.

Our software able to gather and maintain accurate information about patients is a big challenge every hospital faces today. Besides the issues facing data quality, there is also a productivity issue, as people are used to manual procedures and do not feel comfortable switching from paper-based processes. We looks to leverage its usability, adaptability, and overall user-friendliness to break the cultural threshold of paper and gain the adoption rate, boosting overall productivity and efficiency in hospitals. No more writing long prescriptions or misplaced papers on follow up. No more remembering & guesswork. Our Prescription feature enables you to provide a paperless experience to your patients, with digital & printable medical records anytime. That’s healthcare for 21st century, delivered with ease.

Hospital Management Software on Cloud
Real-time Work and transactions
Extensive Data Import and Export Capability
Detailed Reports and generations
Live Updates and deletion with Audit Trail
Multi-Tasking, work same time in different module
Auto management work for all documents and display
User based quotes, invoices, orders etc
Extensive Data Backup for future
Multi company and Data Backup management
Software Cost Estimation
Scheduling for automize Data Backup
Export reports to PDF, HTML, IMAGE
Highend Dashboard and notifications
Automatic Process for Year Ends

Aks Soft specializes in deploying the latest technologies to digitize the enterprise Erp small, medium, or large and develop the business solutions to help your businesses processes by transforming the customer experience, responding quickly, automating invoice processes, mobilizing operations and optimizing your softwares. The main important is business drivers and business processes varies with companies and regions. Business process management for any corporate involves workplace management and business process and performance management and it presents to you with the great experience and expertise of end-end systems. We are specialized to global full service technology solutions provider, lead by Business and Technology Consulting. Aks Soft is engaged with 300+ global clients and our client engagements in 35 countries and provides custom software according to the business needs and this provide customized software solutions that support unique combination of platforms and applications that address cross-functional business requirements of our clients.

Aks Soft partners with most of the popular online ERP and invoicing systems for simple integration. Aks Soft is a leading company in developing the ERP CRM softwares. We develop in ASP.NET 4.5, MSSQL 2012, C#.Net, Window Server. Aks Soft is a global solutions provider for web and mobile based applications across industries. We have many satisfied clients worldwide. We founded in 2006 by having 2 development centers presently. We also develop the ERP for many clients based on client requirements in Offshore Development process. We are working on exciting new ways to integrate enterprise databases with smart phone applications. Mobile devices are indispensable part of our lifestyle and are becoming inseparable part of corporate enterprise architecture as well. With rapid development on various fronts such as security, controlled data access, data synchronization, release management, configuration management, the enterprise wide adoption has grown exponentially. Today mobile support solutions are creating true enterprise value and increased productivity.

Aks Soft is delivering the full custom Hospital software solutions.
We guarantee the Best Premium Support providing to all over clients worldwide.
Aks Soft is the worlds #1 online cloud solution.
Our software interface is easy to use and world class structure.
It is fully automated system that suports global school and hospital system.
Our developers do all types of customization in school and hospital softwares.
Aks Soft is leading provider of customized Cloud Web development, Customized Software and Marketing solutions.

Our Features:-
Custom Application Development
Cloud Web based Development
Mobile Application Development
Application Development and Maintenance
Business Consulting Services
Enterprise Resource Planning
Quality and Testing Services
Technology Build Services
Application Managed Services
Infrastructure Managed Services

Hospital Modules

Tools Used:-
ASP.NET 4.5, C#.Net, MSSQL 2012
Windows Based Hosting Server

User Accounts:-
Admin Login
Doctor Login
Employee Login
Patient Login
Nurse Login
Receptionist Login
Pharmacist Login
Accountant Manager Login
Labortarist Login

Front Desk:-
Dashboard Home
    Manage Hospital
    Manage Building
    Manage Floor
    Manage Hospital Rooms
    Manage Events
    Manage News
    Holiday List
    Occupied Room
    Vacant Room

  Doctor Setting
    Manage Designation
    Manage Specialization
    Manage Department
    Manage Blood Group
  Manage Doctors
    Manage Appointment
    Manage Doctor Attendance
    Lab Test Result
    Manage Doctor Leave Apply
    Approved Leaves
    Cancelled Leaves
    Doctor Commission
    Refer To Doctor
    Refer By Doctor
    Doctor Work List
    Personal Details
    Available Details
    Appointment Details
    Leave Details

  Patient Token
  Patient Setting
  Manage Patient Status
  Patient Type
  Patient Registration
  Patient Appointment
  Patient Prescription
  Lab Test Result
  Patient Progress Status
  Blood receiver
  Operation Enrollment
  Injection Enrollment
  Child Birth Enrollment
  Patient Death Enrollment
  Patient Room Alloction
  Patient Billing
  Patient Details List
  Patient Allocation List
  Admission Info
  Patient Status Info
  Discharge Details

  Employees Setting
  Manage Employee Type
  Manage Employee Designation
  Manage Department
  Manage Employees
  Manage Appointment
  Manage Staff Attendance
  Manage Staff Transport
  Manage Staff Leave Apply
  Approved Leaves
  Cancelled Leaves
  Bank Details
  Staff Leave Approval
  Staff On Leave Details
  Hospital Staff Details
  Personal Details
  Department Details
  Contact Details

Staff Payroll
  Salary Structure
  Manage Payroll
  Manage Earning Type
  Manage Deduction Type
  Manage Leave Types
  Manage Overtime
  Generate Payroll
  Quick PaySlip
  Generate PaySlip
  Leave Approved
  PaySlip Report
  Earning Report
  Deduction Report
  OverTime Report

Pharmacy Management
  Pharmacy Setting
  Medicine Category
  Supplier Category
  Purchase Order
  PO Payment List
  Pharmacy Billing
  Invoice Payment List
  Stock List
  Medicine Category
  Supplier Category
  Manage Supplier
  Manage Pharmacy
  SubMedicine Category
  Medicine List

  Manage Laboratory
  Blood Donar
  Blood Bank
  Lab Test Details
  Scan Details
  Blood Receiver
  Laboratory Test
  Blood Donar
  Lab Test
  Scan Test Report

  Insurance Setting
  Manage Insurance
  Insurance Details
  Policy Details
  Patient Details
  Mediclaim Details

  Store Category List
  Supplier List
  Purchase Order Info
  PO Payment
  Invoice Payment
  Pharmacy Stock

Staff Accommodation
  Manage Accommodation
  Manage Hostel
  Manage Rooms
  Manage Rooms Allocation
  Vacate/Transfer Rooms
  Manage Hostel Visitor
  Manage Clock In/Out
  Hostel Room
  Hostels Details
  Visitor By Doctor
  Visitor By Employee
  Hostels Transfer

Hospital Vehicle
  Vehicle Setting
  Manage Routes
  Manage Route Fees
  Manage Transport Discount
  Manage Vehicle
  Manage Vehicles
  Manage Drivers
  Manage Assign Transport
  Manage Transport Fine
  Manage Doctor Vehicles Entry
  Staff Vehicles Entry
  Manage Vehicle
  RouteFee Wise Report
  Route Wise Doctor
  Route Wise Employees
  Route Drivers Report
  Discount Report

  Manage Accounts
  Day Book
  Cash Book
  Bank Book
  Finance Report

  User Setting
  User group Permission
  Manage News
  Manage Events
  Change Password

450+ Statisfied Clients
15+ Years of Service
2006 Started ERP Service
15 15+ Industries


Client Name
Trikode Groups /ERP Job
They have exceeded all of our expectations. I do not know what we would do without them.
Client Name
PITS Groups of Company /CRM Job
AKS Soft has providing the Unique Software for each Clients and they have many plans immediately. I am very happy to get the support from them. Thanks
Client Name
Shree Ram Groups /CRM Job
AKS Soft is a great company that you can trust. That is hard to find! They are very reliable and do an excellent job.
Client Name
RM Groups of Business /ERP Job
Our software is amazing!!. I will recommend this program to anyone looking for software.
Client Name
Oriental Groups /ERP Job
I am sure I will enjoy my work more now that I will actually get PAID for it.
Client Name
Supreme Groups Trading Company /ERP Job
I am amazed that you were able to put so much efforts into our Software. Keep up the good work, and THANK YOU for the very good price!
Client Name
CFR Marketing Groups /ERP Job
Excellent software, support, and help information.
Client Name
SKN Trading Company /ERP Job
AKS Soft has been great to work with. I am very happy now. Thanks

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