ERP CRM Software Source Code

AKS Soft is an integrated business management solution designed for growing companies that want the freedom to focus on their business. With real-time updation of all transactions, turn your data into business critical information quickly and simply. Experience the power of AKS Soft and see productivity jump manifold in your company.

Enterprise Resource Planning software is a real-time work and transactions for the business, all your business processes come together for easy integration and faster decision-making to enhance your groups and teams overall productivity.

Sales Management: Customers, Logged Calls, Leads, Potential, Solution, Case, Opportunities, Quotation, Invoice, Sales Order, Sales Team, Products, Issues, Contract, Contract Renewal, Sales Enquiry, Time Material, Customer Complaint, Despatch Order, Sales Order Schedule, Packing List and Sales Return, AMC

Quality Control: Characteristics, Process, Quality Type, Quality Test, Test Relation and Quality Inward

Accounting: Customer, Invoice, Customer Payment, Tax Code Template, Tax Group, Invoice Tax Account, Stock Journal, Journal Entries, Journal Items, Journal Items to Reconcile, Bank Statement, Cash Registers, Expenses, Entry Sequence, Automatic Reconciliation, Assets Category, Assets, Depreciation Lines and Budget

Purchases: Suppliers, Products, Quotation, Invoice, Purchase Order, Purchase Receipt, Supplier Payment, Incoming Shipments, Incoming Products, Vendor Bills, Purchase Indent, Purchase Tendor and Purchase Return

Fiscal Position: Accounting Period, Fiscal Year Period, End Period, Fiscal Position and Fiscal Position Template

CRM: Customers, Logged Calls, Leads, Potential, Solution, Opportunities, Quotation, Invoice, Sales Order, Campaign and Purchases

Manufacturing & Production: Work Orders, Manufacturing Order, Order Planning, Repair Orders, Work Center, Expense Account, Product BOM, Routings, Property Group, Properties, Loss Account, Profit Account, Invoice Tax Account and Internal Transfer Account

Warehouse & Inventory: Product, Inventory Adjustment, Stock Moves, Stock Transfer, Stock Inventory, Warehouse, Procurement Exception, Procurement Group, Procurement Order, Bill of Materials, Location, Delivery Pricelist, Picking Type, Delivery Methods, Reordering Rules, Barcode and Rules

Point of Sale: Session, Point of Sale, Payment Methods, Incoming Products, Incoming Shipments, POS Category and POS Reports

Human Resources: Employees, Job Position, Employee Application, My Current Timesheet, Appraisal, Appraisal Plan, Leave Request, Expenses, Interview Request, Timesheet Accounts, Badges, Challenges, Contribution Registers, Sales Rule Category, Salary Rules, HR Contracts, Working Schedule, Resource, Facility Management, Action Reason, Attendence, Department, LeaveType, Degree, Company, Project, Task, Skill Catgoery, Skill Maintenance, Skill Level, Skill List Maintenance, Employee, Training and HR Reports

Marketing & Common Settings: User, Role, User Permission, Role Permission, Title, State, Country, Currency, Company, Company Setup, UOM and Tags

Ecommerce: Online Shop Dashboard, Product, Product Category, Customers, Orders, Invoice, Shipments, Activity, Features, Material, Strap/Handle, Style Bags, Colour, Size, Credit Memos, Currency, Choose Currency, Brand, Testimonial, Product Rating, Recent Post, Subscriber, NewsLetter and Special Offer

All Reports:

Invoices Based Reports: Invoice VAT, Invoice List, Invoiced List, Invoice Summary by Day, Invoice Summary by Payment, Invoice Summary by Tax, Invoice Summary by Partner, Invoices Analysis, Invoices By Accounts, Invoices By Status and Invoice ListByInvoice

Leads Based Reports: Converted Leads, Lead Conversion CountOwners, Lead Conversion Industries, Lead Conversion Owners, Lead Conversion Sources, Leads Analysis, Leads By Industry, Leads By Ownership, Leads By Source, Leads By Status, Lost Potentials, Open Potentials and Oppurtunity Analysis

Sales Based Reports: Sales by Product, Sales by Tax, Sales by Date, Sales by Customer, Sales Report, Sales by Partner, Sales Analysis, Sales By LeadSource, Sales CycleDurationLeadSources, Sales CycleDurationOwners, Sales CycleDuration PotentialType, Sales OrdersByAccounts, Sales OrdersOwner, Sales Ordersstatus, Sales PersonPerformance and Sales ReceiptAnalysis

Inventory Based Reports: Incoming Inventory, Inventory by Category, Inventory by Group, Inventory Report, Inventory by Product, Stock Report, Stock Movement, Stock Movement Summary and Stock Valuation

Purchase Based Reports: Purchase by Date, Purchase by Partner, Purchase by Product, Purchase by Supplier, Purchase Analysis and Purchase OrdersbyStatus

Reports: Work Order List, Produciton List, Work Item List, Work Hours List by Project, Partner Balance, Customer Ageing, Supplier Ageing, Trial Balance, Partner Balance, Bank Statement, Cash Flow Statement, Chart of Account, Customer Payables, Customer Receivables, Day Book, Warehouse Balance, Balance Sheet, OverDue Payables, Overdue Receivable, Profit/Loss Account, Profit/Loss Detail, Profit/Loss Report, Account Statement, Equity Changes, Account By Industry, Amount By Vendors, Appraisal Analysis, Campaign Leads, Campaigns Revenue, Cases By Comments, Cases By Origin, Cases By Priority, Cases By Status, Contact Mailing List, Contacts vs Purchases, Cumulative Flow, Entries Analysis, Forecast History, Key Accounts, Orders Analysis, Overall Duration Lead Sources, Overall Duration Potential Type, Phone CallsAnalysis, Pipeline Probability, Pipeline Stage, Popular Solutions, Potential ClosingMonth, Potentials By Type, Products By Cases, Products By Category, Products SupportTermination, Quarterly ForecastSummary, Recruitment Analysis, Stage Vs PotentialType, Tasks Analysis, Tasks and Events, This Month Sales, Today Sales, Todays Calls, Todays Leads, Treasury Analysis, Vendors vs Purchases and Purchase ReceiptAnalysis

Supply chain and operations management: Purchasing, Manufacturing, Inventory and Sales order processing.
Customer relationship management: Improve customer service, increase cross-sell and upsell opportunities.
Project management: Get what you need to deliver work on time and on budget with better billing and project monitoring.
Human resources management: Get help attracting and retaining good employees with tools to help hire, manage, and pay your team.
Business intelligence: Make smart decisions with easy-to-use reporting, analysis, and business intelligence tools.
Each Modules have Dashboard, Settings, Reports and Control panel

AKS ERP CRM on Cloud
Real-time Work and transactions
Extensive Data Import and Export Capability
Detailed Reports and generations
Live Updates and deletion with Audit Trail
Multi-Tasking, work same time in different module
Auto management work for all documents and display
User based quotes, invoices, orders etc
Extensive Data Backup for future
Multi company and Data Backup management
Software Cost Estimation
Scheduling for automize Data Backup
Export reports to PDF, HTML, IMAGE
Highend Dashboard and notifications
Automatic Process for Year Ends

ERP CRM Modules

Tools Used:-
ASP.NET 4.5, C#.Net, MSSQL 2012
Windows Based Hosting Server

Sales Module:-
Overview Sales Dashboard
Manage Customers
Logged Calls
Sales Order
Sales Team
Contract Renewal
Sales Enquiry
Time Material
Customer Complaint
Despatch Order
Sales Order Schedule
Packing List
Sales Return
Warranty Claim
All Dynamic Sales Settings
All Sales Reports

Finance & Accounts:-
Overview Finance Dashboard
Customer Payment
Tax Code Template
Tax Group
Customer Accounts
Invoice Tax Account
Stock Journal
Journal Entries
Journal Items
Journal Items to Reconcile
Bank Statement
Cash Registers
Entry Sequence
Automatic Reconciliation
Assets Category
Depreciation Lines
All Dynamic Finance Settings
All Finance Reports

Overview Purchase Dashboard
Purchase Order
Purchase Receipt
Supplier Payment
Supplier Type
Incoming Shipments
Incoming Products
Vendor Bills
Purchase Indent
Purchase Tendor
Purchase Return
All Dynamic Purchases Settings
All Purchases Reports

Production & Manufacturing:-
Overview Manufacturing Dashboard
Work Orders
Manufacturing Order
Order Planning
Repair Orders
Work Center
Expense Account
Product BOM
Property Group
Material Request
Product Bundle
Shipping Rule
All Dynamic Manufacturing Settings
All Manufacturing Reports

Machine Management:-
Fixed Asset
SparePart Details
Maintainance Details
Scheduled MaintainancePlan
Machine Repair
Man Power
Problems Type
Stop Plan
Stop Card
StopCard Type
Machine Section
BreakDown Ticket
ItemMachine Relation
Wastage Generation
Production Output
Process Characteristics
ItemMachine Processing
Production Consumption
Production ManPower
MRP Planning
BOM Part Name
Production Planning
BOM Product Relation

Inventory & Warehouse:-
Overview Inventory Dashboard
Inventory Adjustment
Stock Moves
Stock Transfer
Stock Inventory
Procurement Exception
Procurement Group
Procurement Order
All Dynamic Inventory Settings
All Inventory Reports

Human Resources:-
Overview HR Dashboard
Manage Employees
My Current Timesheet
Working Schedule
Action Reason
Employee Attendance Tool
Employee Training
Job Position
Job Application
Offer Letter
Offer Term
Interview Request
HR Contracts
Leaves and Holiday
Leave Request
Leave Type
Holiday List
Leave Allocation
Leave Allocation Tool
Leave Block List
Salary Slip
Process Payroll
Salary Structure
Earning Type
Deduction Type
Salary Rules
Sales Rule Category
Salary Register
Monthly Salary Register
Expense Claims
Expense Claim
Expense Claim Type
Manage Appraisal
Appraisal Plan
Skill Maintenance
Skill Category
Skill Level
Skill List Maintenance
All Dynamic HR Settings
All HR Reports

Overview Marketing Dashboard
Event Ticket
Leads Assignation
Teams Assignation
Mass Mailings
Time Scheduler
Mailing Lists
Website Domain
All Dynamic Marketing Settings
All Marketing Reports

Point of Sale:-
Overview Point of Sale Dashboard
Point of Sale
Payment Methods
Incoming Products
Barcode Nomenclatures
All Dynamic Point of Sale Settings
All Point of Sale Reports

Ecommerce Module Online:-
Live Ecommerce Dashboard
Manage Entire Ecommerce shopping
Manage All Shopping Web Pages
Manage Product
Product Category
Manage Customers
Manage Live Orders
Style Bags
Credit Memos
Choose Currency
Product Rating
Recent Post
Special Offer
All Dynamic Ecommerce Settings
All Ecommerce Reports

Quality & Testing Process:-
Quality Type
Quality Test
Test Relation
Quality Inward

User Admin:-
Manage Users
Manage Role
User Permission
Role Permission
Company Setup

All Reports:-
Invoice Summary by Day
Invoice Summary by Payment
Invoice Summary by Tax
Invoice Summary by Partner
Invoices Analysis
Invoices By Accounts
Invoices By Status
Invoice ListByInvoice
Invoice VAT
Invoice List
Invoiced List

Converted Leads
Lead Conversion CountOwners
Lead Conversion Industries
Lead Conversion Owners
Lead Conversion Sources
Leads Analysis
Leads By Industry
Leads By Ownership
Leads By Source
Leads By Status
Lost Potentials
Open Potentials
Oppurtunity Analysis

Sales by Product
Sales by Tax
Sales by Date
Sales by Customer
Sales Report
Sales by Partner
Sales Analysis
Sales By LeadSource
Sales CycleDurationLeadSources
Sales CycleDurationOwners
Sales CycleDuration PotentialType
Sales OrdersByAccounts
Sales OrdersOwner
Sales Ordersstatus
Sales PersonPerformance
Sales ReceiptAnalysis

Incoming Inventory
Inventory by Category
Inventory by Group
Inventory Report
Inventory by Product
Stock Report
Stock Movement
Stock Movement Summary
Stock Valuation

Work Order List
Produciton List
Work Item List
Work Hours List by Project
Partner Balance
Customer Ageing
Supplier Ageing
Trial Balance
Partner Balance
Bank Statement
Cash Flow Statement
Chart of Account
Customer Payables
Customer Receivables
Day Book
Warehouse Balance
Balance Sheet
OverDue Payables
Overdue Receivable
Profit/Loss Account
Profit/Loss Detail
Profit/Loss Report
Account Statement
Equity Changes
Account By Industry
Amount By Vendors
Appraisal Analysis
Campaign Leads
Campaigns Revenue
Cases By Comments
Cases By Origin
Cases By Priority
Cases By Status
Contact Mailing List
Contacts vs Purchases
Cumulative Flow
Entries Analysis
Forecast History
Key Accounts
Orders Analysis
Overall Duration Lead Sources
Overall Duration Potential Type
Phone CallsAnalysis
Pipeline Probability
Pipeline Stage
Popular Solutions
Potential ClosingMonth
Potentials By Type
Products By Cases
Products By Category
Products SupportTermination
Quarterly ForecastSummary
Recruitment Analysis
Stage Vs PotentialType
Tasks Analysis
Tasks and Events
This Month Sales
Today Sales
Todays Calls
Todays Leads
Treasury Analysis
Vendors vs Purchases
Purchase ReceiptAnalysis

Purchase by Date
Purchase by Partner
Purchase by Product
Purchase by Supplier
Purchase Analysis
Purchase OrdersbyStatus

Ecommerce Orders
Order Count
New Account
Best Seller
Ordered Product

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15+ Years of Service
2006 Started ERP Service
15 15+ Industries


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They have exceeded all of our expectations. I do not know what we would do without them.
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AKS Soft has providing the Unique Software for each Clients and they have many plans immediately. I am very happy to get the support from them. Thanks
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Shree Ram Groups /CRM Job
AKS Soft is a great company that you can trust. That is hard to find! They are very reliable and do an excellent job.
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RM Groups of Business /ERP Job
Our software is amazing!!. I will recommend this program to anyone looking for software.
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Oriental Groups /ERP Job
I am sure I will enjoy my work more now that I will actually get PAID for it.
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Supreme Groups Trading Company /ERP Job
I am amazed that you were able to put so much efforts into our Software. Keep up the good work, and THANK YOU for the very good price!
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Excellent software, support, and help information.
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AKS Soft has been great to work with. I am very happy now. Thanks

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