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AKS Soft is a fast-growing Software Development Company in India serves IT services including knowledgeable business application development services. We have application based on the needs of businesses by comprehending their challenges and deliver high-end, flexible, and user-friendly application. We design and develop applications using our expertise and the best standards of the industry in order to deliver highly secure, reliable, easy to deploy and administrate, and scalable application development.

Our Custom Application Development Services are:-

Business Driven Application Development Services for Evolving IT Needs of Enterprises

With evolving IT needs for large as well as small organizations to strengthen their business, expand their work, avoid work repetitions and raise productivity through speedy and accurate business processes, the need for an expert and result-oriented application development services arise. With the harsh competition of businesses in the global as well as the local market, organizations have no alternative other than adopting the cutting-edge IT technology that helps them to achieve their desirable goals.

As a one of the renowned application development companies, we have the proficiency to offer techno-driven and result-oriented custom application development services that assist your business to boost the capabilities by automating intricate business operations.

Our range of application development services for different platforms and technologies comprises

Business Application Development
Mobile Application Development
Web Application Development
Custom Application Development
Application Development Services
Application Migration, Maintenance and Support

Our custom application development service offering is specifically designed after recognizing your specific requirement, target market, future prospects, and other important aspects. We suggest the most appropriate technology for your IT needs that helps you to cut down cost, improve business processes, enhance efficiency of your staff and many more that in return help you to gain more productivity and profitability.

Most Affordable and Result Oriented IT Solution to Drive Your Business Successfully

We have expert and experienced team of designers, programmers, web developers, mobile application developers, project managers, and IT consultants who always keep themselves ready to accept new challenges and overcome it with business-driven and innovative solutions using their utmost efficiency. Our developers stay updated with the most recent programming technologies and development strategies help them to craft an application with the highest standards and quality. From accounting to ERP application and static site to responsive web development, we have the capabilities to serve your bespoke needs no matter, type and size of your organization. We proffer highly affordable and most satisfactory services with consistent support and technical assistance help you to successfully handle your project.

We provide custom ERP development that help companies automate, plan, collaborate, and execute their business requirements.

Excellent team for custom ERP development, in all phases of the ERP life cycle to improve operational efficiency
Cost-efficient alternative to your current manual procedures or software applications
Leverage an integrated design-build-run model to streamline implementation and provide supplemental support
Centralized access to all information helps in better decision making process

Businesses all around the world are increasing their reliance on ERP programs as a cost efficient alternative to their current manual procedures or their software applications. However, current ERP programs suffer from a number of shortcomings which make it especially difficult for the small / mid size organization to enjoy the tremendous benefits of ERP.

We offer services in all phases of the ERP life cycle. As an example we can assist with your ERP Strategy, Package Selection, Implementation as well as ERP Outsourcing and Production Support. We are there with our clients from the point the decision is made to implement an Custom ERP Solution through the implementation and support phases of the life cycle.

AKS Soft is a web-based integrated end-to-end software solution for many industries. This application includes modules from purchase, inventory, production, outsourcing, packing and billing.

Since the majority of products available require organizations to adapt themselves to the software product; it extend beyond the end-to-end solutions to creating customized solutions that fit your business and your budget. We have served many clients in the manufacturing industry including consumer goods, automobile, food and beverages and many more.

The ability of your business to offer raw materials to manufacturers without shortages is imperative for survival in the marketplace. Streamline your business processes and integrate your current system with a customized technology solution that can improve the way you do business.

Services for the Manufacturing & Construction Industry:

Legacy Migration solutions
CRM systems
Inventory management systems
Integration between ERP systems and web applications
E-commerce systems
Workflow systems
Data migration

Customer Relation Management

We know the value of each customer to your business and the paramount necessity of maintaining excellent relationship with them. The CRM solution will help you go an extra mile to attain and maintain customer satisfaction. It will provide you with the tools and the methodology to manage a variety of CRM implementation issues in areas like customer retention, account management, campaign management, customer self service and devise strategies to increase revenue, productivity and customer satisfaction.

You will be able to manage your customer contacts in an efficient manner and perform conclusive analysis in the area of (CRM) customer relationship management.

The CRM solution is built using the latest cutting-edge Microsoft technologies and will be customized totally to the needs of your enterprise. We also have expertise in customizing and implementing AKS CRM into your enterprise.

Whether it is a marketing campaign or an online customer care process, we excel at developing a robust, scalable and best-in-its-class CRM solutions.

Our solution will help you reduce your total cost of ownership and improve the productivity standards of your employees and help you improve your ROI on your CRM investments.

Mobility Solutions and Services

We help your goal to build on your online reputation and expose yourself to a whole new segment of audience through your mobile website. We work with technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, jQuery Mobile, and Sencha Touch to produce stunning mobile websites.

We are offering include responsive web design and dedicated mobile websites. We take projects that require working from the scratch as well as converting existing desktop websites to mobile websites.

Our solutions are scalable and we also offer native container packaging of mobile websites using cross-platform technologies.

Our mobile website solution offerings include:

Responsive designs and websites
Desktop to mobile website
Dedicated mobile websites
CMS integration and support
Cross Platform and Cross Browser websites
Converting HTML 5 websites to mobile apps
Testing on over 25 different mobile phones and tablets

Mobile Website or Responsive Web Design – whatever you may decide to get for your business is secondary. There are over 1.1 billion people using mobile phones. That includes a large chunk of your target audience. Having a mobile website or a mobile enabled website opens more doors of opportunity for your business.

Here are three reasons you must have a mobile enabled website:

It helps you connect with new and existing customers effectively
It helps you in expanding on revenue streams for your business
It helps you supply information to your customers

Choosing between Responsive Web Design and Mobile Website

Whether to go for Responsive web design or getting a dedicated mobile website developed for your website is a choice that must be made after evaluating the pros and cons of the options. It also depends upon your business objectives and type of business.

With a Mobile Website you stand to gain in the following ways:

Dedicated mobile website for your business
Highly cost effective
Simple navigation and fast page loading
Better front technologies compatibility

On the other hand, Responsive Web Design offers you the following benefits:

One website for all mobile devices
Mobile devices automatically adapts the design
Easy maintenance and fast tweaks
Content management through back-end

Get In Touch

Still confused which solution to go for your mobile project? Why not ask the experts? Get in touch with our mobile development team to discuss your project and they will find you the best solutions.

In today’s world, the constantly changing economy, and the boom in the global market, often poses difficult challenges for your business. Therefore, if you want to keep your business moving forward and, be ahead of the game, you have to keep up with the latest technology. Mobility has been acknowledged as the most troublesome technology that modernization has faced today.

In the recent times, cell phone devices have developed from just simply providing email and data on the move, to the introduction of new applications and services that have the immense perspective of changing the way companies do business. Mobility has helped the companies to make text data more available to customers.

Mobile App technologies have set free innovative solutions that are of tremendous help in the way businesses are done today If you want to take the world in your stride and make your business flourish, then enterprise mobility solution is the answer to all your needs. We understands your business needs and provides enterprise mobility solution at much affordable rate.

We delivers enterprise mobility solution to suit the clients business needs:

We help our clients attain customer centric mobility solution. Be it seamless access of content or development of mobile apps, we provide all to suit your business needs.

Be it services based on location or mobile wallets, we help to co-create a solution to suit our clients needs. We believe in constant innovation and hastened delivery.

We also help in boosting your entire operation system. Our enterprise mobility services can change the way your employees work, we can automate various internal processes of the company and boost your company’s output.

With the increasing use of Smartphones, there is a soaring demand for mobile applications in the market. Development of mobile apps to suit the endless needs and purposes of the clients is the latest trend today. Any business that wishes to survive in the market today has to build up an application that suits the requirements of its customers.

The ease and flexibility provided by mobile apps today, have captivated them to the consumers, and is important that your business considers this when looking for contentment among customers.

The following are the platforms for which we extend our Mobile app development services:

Our services under mobile application development consist of:

Development of top quality software for mobile
Various mobile app development solutions
We provide our services in porting various web applications to mobile platforms
Development of mobile client software

Mobile application development is cost effective, and provides solutions to your exact needs. Customer satisfaction is our primary focus with high-end services that holds fast with industry standards.

We do all types of mobile app development:

Entertainment Application
GPS Tracking Application
Weather Application
Business and finance related Application
Multi-media Application
Sports Application
Social Networking Application
Education Application
Travel Application

We promises in delivering high-class mobile app development and solutions for all your needs.

Point of Sales Solutions

Improve sales performance with Sales Force Automation Solution

Sales is the most critical business function of an enterprise and our Sales Force Automation (SFA) solution allows you to reap significant gains from your sales team.

Sales Force Automation services plays a instrumental role in boosting the profitability of your organization by increasing revenues and reducing operational costs.

Our solution will allow you to forecast your company's revenues accurately and you will be able to track every lead along with the capability to access customized reports for analysis on your sales performance.

It will be totally customized to the needs of your sales department and it will be developed using the latest Microsoft technologies.

Business Value through Sales Force Automation

Ink more deals by imparting more visibility into your company's sales processes.
Window to opportunity with recording of every lead and its subsequent tracking.
Customer management with access to data to facilitate collaboration between sales, customer service & support, and marketing.
Market trend analysis to spot shifts in market indicators.

Our solution range encompasses web-based as well as solutions compatible with mobile devices that will empower your field sales force to update the sales volumes on a real-time basis for ROUND-THE-CLOCK information update.

Our mobile solution will provide your field sales people with greater access to their SFA system and other business-critical information that resides in corporate databases, enterprise applications, intranets and the Internet.

By empowering sales teams with easy-to-use handheld devices and a mobile sales solution, you will empower your sales force with more effective selling methods with the resultant increase in revenue generation.

Work flow and Business Process

For a smooth and seamless workflow management across your company

Your company has innumerable workflows operating simultaneously to meet the demands of your customers. A lot of time and effort is spent in managing workflows across the enterprise and the management of that becomes a difficult task.

Our Workflow Application will simplify the entire workflow system for handling documents in any company.

Our Workflow Solution is built using Microsoft technologies.

Business Value through Work Flow Solutions

Our Workflow Management solution can enable organizations to:

Streamline the business processes
Decrease cost of business processes through automation.
Speed up business processes and as a result deliver a faster service to their customers
Track & Control business processes

This Solution will simplify the complex workflow processes in your enterprise with a touch of sophistication.

Sales Force Automation

Our mobile solution will provide your field sales people with greater access to their SFA system and other business-critical information that resides in corporate databases, enterprise applications, intranets and the Internet.

By empowering sales teams with easy-to-use handheld devices and a mobile sales solution, you will empower your sales force with more effective selling methods with the resultant increase in revenue generation.

Improve sales performance with Sales Force Automation Solution

Sales is the most critical business function of an enterprise and our Sales Force Automation (SFA) solution allows you to reap significant gains from your sales team.

Sales Force Automation services plays a instrumental role in boosting the profitability of your organization by increasing revenues and reducing operational costs.

Our solution will allow you to forecast your company's revenues accurately and you will be able to track every lead along with the capability to access customized reports for analysis on your sales performance.

It will be totally customized to the needs of your sales department and it will be developed using the latest Microsoft technologies.

Infrastructure Managed Services

IT Infrastructure Management Services comprises of the complete mastery over the IT infrastructure requirements of a firm which includes equipment, human resource, external contacts, policies, processes and data. IT infrastructure management with us covers all aspects of maintenance and management, from updates to fixing problems to data backup. Remote infrastructure management services are a trending and efficient way by which infrastructure management outsourcing can be used effectively.

Our infrastructure services management also include the deliverable like:

Application support
Customer service management
Workstation management
Business process management
Hosted services
Server and network monitoring
IT support
Management of databases
IT security management

By outsourcing infrastructure management to us, you gain the seamless flow of IT Infrastructure throughout the system, reduction of duplication of efforts, ensured adherence to standards, interoperability of internal and external factors in business, and effective change management system.

Our IT infrastructure services and infrastructure management services benefit you with

Robust internet Presence: This helps in expanding the business shores.
Latest upgrades of technology: Our IT infrastructure services keep track of the latest upgrades and do the needful for your business.
Compatibility: Use of latest software’s and hardware’s which are compatible with the legacy ones.
Backwards Compatible packages: Old versions sail smoothly into newer, and vice versa.
Reduced Labour Costs: Our streamlined approach ensures reduced labour and server costs.
Round the clock services: Network systems and technology remains connected all through the year.
Enhanced Communication: The personnel and customers need to be able to access the information which they require, which is provided by our expertise.
Efficiency: Business efficiency is enhanced manifolds as our clients can now concentrate on thrir core business.
Flexibility: The adaptable nature of the system keeps your company ahead of the game.

We take complete responsibility of maintaining your IT Infrastructure with our Structured & Certified team.

Monitor your mission critical servers & network’s availability, round the clock
Manage your IT infrastructure with today’s need & tomorrow’s readiness
Support configuring your network and security appliances
Maintain Up-to-date OS Patches, Anti Virus definition and lot more

We offer reliable end-to-end IT Remote Infrastructure Management Services to automate your own IT Infrastructure with today’s needs & tomorrow’s readiness. Our suggestions are designed to proactively eliminate issues in IT Infrastructure and provide best-in-class IT infrastructure in the eco-systems of business. We monitor & manage all your mission critical servers, network & security appliances for its availability, utilization, and more per your requirement. We apprehend your requirements and cater to your specific IT infrastructure needs.

Our certified team of professionals will assist you to build and manage a secure and integrated IT environment. Our eminent service will help you to adopt industries best practices with considerably enhanced service levels. We consistently deliver high quality of services, which upsurge to competitive advantages for our clients, with our robust infrastructure and streamlined processes with our internal expertise. We help your businesses, free from stress to manage the rapidly changing technology needs.

Comprehensive Services

With in-depth industry knowledge we facilitate your business to manage and monitor remotely by offering comprehensive solutions.

Server Administration

Our certified domain experts will proactively work towards the server administration (Windows). We take care of scheduled maintenance, OS Patching (Irrespective of OS), Anti-virus updates, and lot more, in the lean production hours after getting the Change Management approved.

Professional issues analysis
OS & application patching irrespective of OS & AV Updates
Regular maintenance to avoid outages
Scheduled Backup
Improved operational performance
Public / private cloud administration

Cloud Servers Administration

We work towards automating your own IT Infrastructure in the public / private cloud, for hosting your web applications, migrating your existing applications or even for a testing, on demand in the cloud Infrastructure.

Cloud Infrastructure administration & migration
Build Disaster Recovery & On-demand testing
Patch / fix the identified vulnerabilities
Maintain high security level
Support irrespective of service providers
Public / private cloud support

Network Monitoring

We monitor your entire network (like Mail Servers, Web Servers, Database Servers, backup solutions and their Resources Utilization, Routers, Switches, Firewall and many more) for outages and afford solution to fine tune your servers & network for outstanding performance.

Round the clock monitoring throughout the Year
Proactive& reactive alert notifications
Reporting the outages to escalation matrix
Alert through Mail / Phone Call / SMS

Network Management

Our certified domain experts will categorize the network related issues rapidly and provide solution quickly. We provide 24 / 7 / 365 days of proactive monitoring services to facilitate keeping your network stable. We use to conduct Vulnerability Assessment on regular intervals and patch / fix the identified vulnerabilities to keep our network more secure.

Support day-to-day operations
Support new implementations
Regular configuration backups
Rapid response for outages
Secured network

Database Management

Our Database administration team helps you to configure for your mission critical data base. Our certified team will house keep and administer the database to ensure the maximum availability of servers.

Building mission critical DB server
Performance tuning
Log Analysis
Shorten recovery times
Better customer service

Information Security

We monitor threats, malicious contents and intrusions in the network perimeter appliances and vigilant the respected stack holders to take proactive steps to block the identified, unauthorized activity. Our certified domain experts provide guidance on how to prevent these types of intrusions in future.

Real-time behavioral analysis
Keeping the network more secure by regular VA
Manage the OS and Antivirus Patches up to date
Maintain IDS / IPS kind of security appliances

All our services enable you to cut-cost at the same time meet regulatory compliance, achieve operational efficiencies, exceed uptime targets, maintain information security across your network, reduce operation costs and enhance service performance.

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